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YouTube partner program?

468 x 60 Advertising


New member
Jun 11, 2020
Who has joined the YouTube partner program? I have! Content creators need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before they are eligible to apply. The partner program is a way of making money from displaying ads in your videos.
Not yet, slowly working on my YouTube video but I feel at the moment with my lack of live streams due to IRL content for YouTube is very slow. It is a goal of mine though, one day :)
Let's be realistic non targeted and mass advertising is dead or is on a "life support" like infrastructure. Nobody like that ad that tries to promote to you randomly about Bouncy paper towels or name brand toilet paper ad.

Now say if I am shopping for a mini budget concise pre-built PC that is compatible or comes shipped with Linux installed, toss me an ad for one and I might bite particularly if you can make it worth my while. Now's that an advertising mean that's might works.

Until personalized ads aren't creepy and actually converts well I think other options like Donor Box, Libre Pay and etc are more promising for creators' revenue generations. Along with quality and relevant merchandising, noninvasive sponsorship and so forth are better monetization options in my book.

Therefore I disagree with this more or less a vanilla "ad network".
Well One day I might get into the YouTuber Partner Program but that's unlikely due to my sub and view count. It might take years to reach that goal.
I am working towards it but only just recently started putting content up on my youtube.
You should use YouTube Shorts. It can accelerate your application.
Currently, it's one of the best competitors to TikTok