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Xbox has announced a friend referral program for Game Pass, however, there's a catch, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members give up to five friends a free 14-day PC Game Pass trial. Invited friends must be new to Game Pass to redeem the free trial. The invited user must have never had game pass prior to accepting the invitation to join Game Pass. In our opinion, this makes sense, however, we can't help but feel like this is something Xbox should have had going not long after the launch of game pass. The people who are on game pass now or most xbox/PC gamers have probably had game pass at some point in the past. It's hard to say who this would benefit at this point in time, but it's cool they're doing this nontheless. Each free trial/referred friend will get all the perks of Game Pass Ultimate it seems, so they can enjoy it on both console & PC. As per xbox.com - for new members checking out the service, the best place to get started is with the Xbox app on PC. With the Xbox app you can browse games, play PC titles, and connect and chat with friends on devices so thye can jump into new titles like RedFall on day one.

So what do you think about this? Are you happy to see Microsoft finally implement a refer-a-friend type program? Will you be trying to bring your friends over to game pass?


I agree. I’m surprised that Xbox didn’t implement this feature when they first launched Gamepass.
I think they would attract more people if they change the "The invited user must have never had game pass prior to accepting the invitation"
to allow non active users for the last X years or months.

If they don't change that, it will not be of much use I think. Many kids I know, they already have xbox.
I am not too king on games, so, I don't know much, but I hear every kid taking about xbox :)
I think that is a very good idea especially for the one s that would have friends that are interested in joining the game pass.