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Will there be a Destiny 3?

There has been much speculation from fans as to when and if we will see a Destiny 3, with Destiny 2 being two years old now and heading into year three you would think plans would be in place for the next game in the sequel, however, fans may be waiting a little longer and here is why.

Destiny 2 seems to be in a really good place at the moment with the Season of Undying being right around the corner and also Shadowkeep coming along with it and bringing the game free to play also, they are looking pretty solid and the game now seems to be operating on a five-year plan. With the announcement of them being on a five-year deal now any plans for Destiny 3 seemed to have been shelved at least for now.

It's looking as though with the divorce from Activision and Bungie being solely allowed to work on Destiny 2 on their own now and the idea of free play being made a reality, they do not see any reason to rush out a new Destiny game.

Shadowkeep will allow Bungie to release a whole lot of new content from the 1st of October onwards and whilst we have more and more updates coming out for Destiny 2 and Shadowkeep the need for a newer game will not be as great.

Bungie seems to be doing everything right at the moment for Destiny 2 and no plans for a Destiny 3 are in the future just yet.

Bring on Shadowkeep is what I say, this game is definitely going to keep me busy for a much longer time, that's for sure!