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Why Hellblade 2 is More Than Just a Video Game: A Deep Dive into Mental Health and Innovation

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We are just a week away from the release of "Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2," and Ninja Theory is very much focused on their new game despite the backdrop of Microsoft closing other critically acclaimed studios. Despite the uncertainty in the industry, Dom Matthews, the head of the studio has emphasized their pride in the game and the anticipation for the fan's reactions.

Released in 2017, the first Hellblade game was praised for its portrayal of psychosis and won multiple awards. Melina Juergens, who starred as Senua unexpectedly, shares how her personal experience with psychosis informed her performance which added authenticity to the game. For Hellblade 2, the team has advanced technologically with extensive motion capture efforts and a new studio. The game aims to deepen the portrayal of mental health, illustrating Senua's ongoing journey with psychosis.

Both the collaborators and the studio like neuroscientist Prof. Paul Fletcher highlight the game's impact on raising understanding and awareness of psychosis.