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Which is the best streaming platform for gaming?

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Nov 6, 2022
Twitch, Kick and Youtube are popular platforms for game streaming. Twitch was specifically built for game streaming but later it moved to general content. Whereas youtube is for general content where a lot of people also stream games. Kick is recent addition. In your opinion, which is the best platform to stream games?
Me and a few friends have really been enjoying Kick. A lot of our partners have moved over and are thriving on there. We are working hard to bring Kick stream support to the showcase but no ETA on that yet. I think out of all of them I would say Kick and Youtube have the most potential going forward. The choices Twitch are making don't resonate with a lot of streamers & content creators IMHO.
Not to long ago Kick has updated and realise there system for getting paid $16 an hour while streaming but the requirements are very high
I’m kinda out of touch with the streaming scene at the moment. Last I recall, it was Twitch dominating, but recently I’ve heard a lot about Kick and Rumble so I’m not sure anymore.
Twitch and YouTube are undoubtedly the most popular streaming platforms for gamers, but apart from them we others as well.

Mixer, for allows viewers to interact with streams in real time by sending sparks can be used to unlock special effects or rewards.
DLive is another up-and-coming platform that offers low latency and a strong community of content creators.
These platforms are worth checking out if you're looking for something new.