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What time did you wake up today?

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Smokey's Baby Girl <3
May 26, 2019
England, UK
Epic Creator Code
Let us know what time you woke up today!

After a long night nursing a very sick guinea pig I didn't fully go to sleep until around 5am so I slept a little later today and woke at 1pm. Unfortunately Simba the guinea pig didn't make it and passed this morning.
I had a bad night and woke with the start of a migraine today so I went back to bed and stayed in bed longer than I intended. I woke up at around 4pm today. The migraine did ease though to an extent.
I woke way late today after being up until after 5am watching the Royal Rumble last night. Never seen a Royal Rumble PPV go on as long as that one did, was great to see. I woke at 3pm today.. oops! LOL
I first woke at 7.30am this morning but I woke with a head cold so I got up for a little and then had to go back to bed for some time due to feeling really under the weather. I am still feeling somewhat under the weather now but better than I was.
I first woke at 7.30am and then ended up having a bit of sleep during the day due to my head cold and migraine.
Haven't been sleeping too well at all just recently due to pain so I have been sleeping a little later than I would normally. Hoping to get some help with the pain within the next few days though.