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What microphone would you recommend to a new streamer?

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May 26, 2019
England, UK
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Every one of us would have been a new streamer at one point and we can always remember not being sure what the best microphone would be and we probably started out with a microphone that wasn't the greatest until we were able to upgrade.

For those of you who have now been streaming for a while, is there a microphone you would recommend to a new streamer? If so, what microphone is it?

I personally would suggest the Razer Seiren Mini to a new streamer. It is a great-sounding microphone and really does pick your voice up clearly which is great.
There is the USB condenser microphone which provides good quality sound. Another one is the dynamic microphone, I prefer this one because it is less sensitive to background noise and a better choice for noisy environments.
Even for new streamers these microphones are easy to set up and use.
Thanks for the recommendations, what is the price range for most of these microphones that you have recommended and which are some of the best online stores where you can get them? Starting is never easy but we just need to have the working station set up right.
The Yeti Nano Blue is best for new game streamers. It has the advantages of being budget friendly with it's price less than $100. The sound quality is simple and the configuration is quite easy with a simple plug and play USB connection. It has a good inbuilt headphone that the streamer can use to monitor latency.