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What game makes time fly by the fastest for you?

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Dec 2, 2022
Have you ever noticed that there are some video games you would be playing and you wouldn't know when hours have passed? It all boils down to how good such gameplay is designed to be enjoyed. It's this kind of video games that makes gamer become addicted as quickly as possible.

Which video games gets you like that?
Any video game I play makes me feel so relaxing and comfortable. I can spend hours on the game without knowing. The catch is that I would have to love the game before playing it, If not, I wouldn't play it for long and I'll be bored.
In fact, for me, everything that is not my work and what I do, it speeds up time very quickly. Games especially. However, of all the games that accelerate time the most, it is Fortnite, but I don't even like it very much
For me it is usually adventure or open world games like legend of Zelda, or grand theft auto and the likes. I can just get lost in does wonderful worlds. Adventure and magical games are my all time favorites though.
For me most of first person shooting games makes me happy and i enjoy those games much more and also fifa games those football games are best and the time fly when i play those kind of games.
When I'm hooked into a game, time flies. Sometimes I can be stuck on a game for several hours without noticing how long it's been.
Back in the days, Grand Theft Auto wa one game that I could play from morning without realising that night has come upon us. The goal was always beating one level to get to the higher level and it could take you days to navigate and succeed through one level.
Either gears of war or call of duty. Especially gears of war if I"m playing the campaign. Then time seems to pass by pretty quickly. It's really all just how much I'm enjoying playing the game.
Once am playing game, i don't care about time anymore. I only play game especially weekend when i don't keep time. When i play football games, it seems time flies but i don't care.
heartstone. 10-year-user for ladder and battle royal

It really make time fly​

When there is a lot to do that keeps me busy it consumes time, and makes games fly by.
Hogwarts: Legacy

I can start playing that game as soon as I wake up and before I know it, my hubby is coming home from work. It feels like only 5 minutes passed by.