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UK ban placed on Microsoft's deal to takeover Activision and Blizzard!

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It would seem that the dreams of the deal Microsoft placed to take over Activision and Blizzard may not be just that, a dream. A UK ban has been put in place by the government of the UK due to concerns that it would impact and alter the future of the cloud gaming market and would result in UK gamers having fewer choices in the years to come.

Many are asking if Call of Duty may have been the main trigger that resulted in the UK ban on the takeover and it would seem, that may very well be the case. Sony who owns PlayStation had already voiced their concerns over Microsoft taking over Activision and Blizzard and that they could use their ownership of the two companies to withhold the game from PlayStation or even harm the console market. Microsoft had reassured console companies and even struck a deal to say this would not happen and that Call of Duty would be available on other platforms for at least 10 years. Nintendo was happy with the deal by Sony was not which is why they voiced their concerns.

So what happens now? Unless Microsoft and Activision can convince a tribunal to overturn the ban that has been put in place in the UK, the deal that so many were excited about and eager to see happen may now be dead in the water.