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Twitch working on new music deal to end DMCA strikes for streamers.

Twitch is currently sorting out a deal with the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) to come to an agreement or licensing deal for streamers so that they are no longer hit with DMCA strikes on their content. So what does this mean for streamers on Twitch if this deal manages to be inked and go through? Well it would appear that streamers will be able to play the music of their choice without the worry of being hit with a copyright strike or DMCA claim within reason. The closure of Mixer last July has caused Twitch's platform to boom in popularity, as a perfect storm of a global pandemic and the closure of Mixer by Microsoft, forced content creators to funnel onto the platform. However, many Mixer streamers often played copyright music on stream using featurees on their bots such as Song Requests which allowed their viewers to request a song of their choice to play in the background of the stream. However, within the past year many streamers now on Twitch have been hit with copyright strike notices due to doing the same thing on Twitch. If the licensing agreement is to go ahead, it could be a huge turning point for the platform, as streamers would no longer be constantly paranoid about strict DMCA guidelines.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for this news? Are you hoping the ability to play whatever music we want would be possible on Twitch in the future? Sound off in the comments below!

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I believe that everyone is making this to be the end of all deals while in fact, it's going to severely disappoint many. If this in any way similar to how YouTube is setup for music, Twitch streamers will be faced with demonetization with their streams for playing copyrighted music. This isn't a deal similar to Facebook Gaming's current one and even that is for only partners. Twitch's track record has been and continues to be abysmal for creators. This deal is something I believe that will benefit both Twitch and the labels by increasing ad breaks within streams. The return of forced mid-rolls, longer pre-rolls, ads inserted for non-affiliate streamers in which they would have no control over. My feeling is that for everyone who is saying this is a great moment doesn't know what is in store for them and will lash out with the full details are released.

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