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Tony Hawks Pro Skater series may be making a return starting with a remake!

The Tony Hawks Pro Skater series has been dormant for years if you don't count the 2015 bomb that was Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5. However, fans of the series may have a glimmer of hope to see a new THPS game worthy of the name being brought into the modern age. There are two prototypes rumoured to be making the rounds at Activision of remakes of Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 respectively. These demos/prototypes may be intended for new games, or just as a test, If Activision decides to greenlight these projects, we could see a rebirth of classic Tony Hawk games in a new era. This would be fantastic and would bring old fans back to the series as well as bring new fans to it who may have never enjoyed the awesomeness that was THPS and THPS2 back in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

I remember playing both on my PS1 back in the day and me and my cousin would often try to beat each other's high scores. Now, at nearly 30 years of age, I could sit and do this with my girlfriend and her kids, if these prototypes get greenlit to become full fledged games.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, it all depends on who they decide to use for the development studio behind these remakes. Neversoft was defunct and disbanded in 2013 and merged into Infinity Ward. It wouldn't be impossible to remove some of those devs to reform a new Neversoft, or perhaps Infinity Ward stops developing Call of Duty and focuses on a new breed of THPS games under the Neversoft name or even as Infinity Ward? if there is a new studio involved in this development that isn't the one that gave us THPS 5......i'm all for it, but there are things they need to do to ensure these remakes are what fans want. We don't want another steamer like THPS5, THPS HD or "THPS Ride" or "Shred" like we were given in the past, Activision.

So what are your thoughts on THPS possibly making a return? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ComicBook.com