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This is what a PS5 game case will look like on store shelves.

Sony has revealed what a Playstation 5 game case will look like on store shelves when you go to a game store to purchase a Playstation 5 game. The design is like an invert of the PS4 game cases but also resembles that of the old Xbox 360 game cases from the 7th generation. The design looks clean and simplistic, which isn't a bad thing. Personally, here at Revillution, we like the design. As stated before, it resembles the old 360 game cases. In my personal opinion, it's as if the 360 cases and PS4 cases had a baby. It's very fitting with the design of the PS5 console and color scheme itself, so it fits very well and keeps things looking much more unified this time around.

I just hope when the "Playstation Hits" Or "Greatest Hits" box art starts popping up that it looks this clean.........I can hear you already "Enough talk! show us what it looks like, nerd!" Well here it is:


So what are your thoughts? Do you like the simplistic white, black & blue design of it? Is it too simple? let us know in the comments below!
I like it's clean. I understand wanting to have a nice photo for your physical games.
But I'm confused as to when this console war, because a "well look at my game cases!"