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The real reason Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered MP is absent.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is currently available on the Playstation 4 for $20 as a campaign only download. The iconic multiplayer from 2009 is nowhere to be seen and Xbox/PC players have to wait until April 30th to relive the iconic campaign, but why? Well we have the reason....

According to leaker TheGamingRevolution the real reason the multiplayer is absent from the MW2 remaster despite having been done for years now, is because they changed things within the MP and then decided that players might 'not like the changes' they've made to the core gameplay and overall MP experience. However, if that is the case, why not just revert the changes, or better yet, release a beta test with the changes and obtain community feedback? We might like the changes......and if not, simply revert back to the old build of MP from the remaster.

It would literally be like printing money if Activision was to release Modern Warfare 2 Remastered in it's entirety. Sony still gets the 30 days exclusivity deal because the game was completed so it's under the old exclusivity deal with Sony getting it 30 days early. Within the MW2R campaign there was also hints that Modern Warfare 3 remastered will be released next and probably sooner than you'd think.

What do you think? Should they release the MW2 Remastered multiplayer as it currently stands?
I feel like two things happened with the MW2 multiplayer.
1) They changed it so much that it felt like the new MW 2019 multiplayer.
2) They realized instead of releasing the MW2 remastered multiplayer, they can remake those maps for MW 2019 and focus on one game only.