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Show Me Your TikTok's


May 4, 2020
Since we do have this place here and I've actually just started editing clips to post on Tik Tok. I wanted to see your accounts and to gather ideas on how to post on the service. Also if you have any tips, tricks and such let us know.
Still also experimenting with mine at the moment, had some do really well and others haven't done quite as well

I've really enjoyed tiktok for what it is and to explore other content ideas. Weve used it to really focus on our charity efforts with the local children's hospital. https://tiktok.com/@mainegang
I know I posted mine up there already, but I had to remake the account. The old account still exists under "That Witch Akara" but has been privatized. I had confused the algorithm so much by old content and then completely switching content that I would get no views at all.

Long story short, started over with a new account, if ya'll would be so kind and check it out, follow if you like the content, it'll also help me find you again <3
Anyone seen this phony on tik tok trying to sell sports advice hahaha...?

Discord calls vitterd kingmoments3220 harvey weinstein.jpg

This fraud lost so much made a video whining about it hahaha: