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Rumor: Call of Duty 2020 is Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Everything we know.

It's May, which means the Call of Duty rumor mill is spinning up in full force now. We're still waiting for an official reveal for Call of Duty 2020. The other day Treyarch released a video celebrating 10 years of Black Ops. Black Ops is Treyarch's most successful Call of Duty sub series and it's beloved by many Call of Duty fans. This year's Call of Duty originally helmed by Sledgehammer Games & Raven Software was taken over by Treyarch over a year ago after SHG and Raven had some sort of disagreement and falling out over Call of Duty 2020's direction, Callof Duty 2020 is set to be a Cold War era game. Activision brought Treyarch on board to finish the game and put SHG and Raven back into supporting roles. It does seem like Activision is still going to market this game as a Sledgehammer title to keep the community in good graces with Treyarch in case it flops being the turbulence within development of this year's title - Which is still on track for release later this year despite everything going on with the world.

So what all do we know about Call of Duty 2020? Rumored to be titled Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War?:
  • It's set in the Cold War era, within Vietnam and surrounding areas.
  • It takes place within the Black Ops universe.
  • Original voice cast from Black Ops series not returning. All new voice actors.
  • It takes place during the Cold War with an emphasis in Vietnam.
  • It will feature familiar Black Ops characters such as Woods, Mason and Hudson.
  • It is being developed by Treyarch with Sledgehammer & Raven backing them as support.
  • Treyarch is using assets originally developed by SHG and Raven and building off the work they had already done.

What do you think about Call of Duty 2020's rumored title? What do you think is just rumored heresay or what will end up coming true when it's released? Let us know in the comments below. Are you excited for this year's Call of Duty? Do you think Activision should've taken a year off instead? We want to hear from you.
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