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Road to 100 for CarlosX720

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Dec 4, 2022
And now, I'm making a new thread that focuses on CarlosX720, which is the livestream arm of CarlosX360. Currently, I'm trying to bring content to CarlosX720 to re-purpose, re-use, or use on the main CarlosX360 channel. I've already explained it, so I'll skip what I've said and get to the point: CarlosX720 is the livestream channel/gameplay uploads channels of CarlosX360 to do 3 things - avoid confusing the algorithm with livestreams vs videos, and/or any other video upload styles.

My example Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II gameplay is as follows...

My best gameplay is...

I got a perfect 25 Killstreak, but towards the end, there's swearing, strong language is ahead. If you can't handle it, please just leave the video. Sorry, but that's my best match.

I explained what CarlosX720 is for...

Introducing the CarlosX720 Channel...
I had a really crazy clutch win in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II...

I had a really crazy match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II...


I tried releasing this last night, but the algorithm or whomever at Google throttled it. I thought it was funny, but funny doesn't get you clicks, I guess.