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RevShop Prices

468 x 60 Advertising
Shop Item List

Stream Feature (1 week) - $10.000 RevBux
Stream Feature (1 month) - $25,000 RevBux
Stream Feature (1 day) - $3,000 RevBux
Notice Advertisement (1 day) - $3,000 RevBux
Notice Advertisement (1 week) - $12,500 RevBux
Notice Advertisement (1 month) - $20,000 RevBux
Sticky Thread (1 day) $1,500 RevBux
Sticky Thread (1 week) - $4,000 RevBux

Prices are subject to change and can change any time without notice.


hey bud the prices on here look a bit odd
10 thousand Revbux for a 1 week feature is how it reads
25 thousand Revbux for a one month
That correct?
yeah we're still adjusting stuff, I haven't had time to really focus on getting this up and running. the way the shop is done right now is completely temporary anyway as there's an actual add-on module to implement it properly but, it's a bit on the pricer side of things. I got a few appointments today but i'll try to sit down and figure out proper pricing when I get some more free time sometime this weekend.