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Nintendo 3DS/2DS?


New member
Aug 24, 2019
With the release of the Nintendo Switch, there were lots of question marks as for if there would still be a market for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 2DS. Given that the Switch can serve as a handheld console all by itself, is there really a need for a device that is solely a handheld device? Especially when there's the aspect of buying more games and all of that as well. It can get expensive to have two gaming systems and games for both of them as well.

For our Nintendo fans, do you own a 3DS or a 2DS? Do you own a Switch? If you do, are you still playing your 3DS/2DS?


Jun 2, 2019
I own both a Switch and a 3DS. I do still sometimes play the 3DS since I love to play old games.

Honestly I see them going away from the DS at some point. Especially with the Switch Lite coming out. I was never huge on the 3D part anyway, so I'm fine with that.