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Netflix and Roblox unveil Netflix Nextworld digital theme park on Roblox

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Feb 15, 2024
Netflix(@netflix) and Roblox(@Roblox) announced the launch of Netflix Nextworld, a digital theme park on Roblox that expands the worlds of fans’ favorite films and series.

The world will start early access today and feature three tentpole activations around Stranger Things, One Piece, and Rebel Moon, plus an activation tied to upcoming release Jurassic World: Chaos Theory.

Nextworld is all about bringing fans closer to the entertainment they love. From exploring the Upside Down (in Stranger Things) to jumping into the East Blue, they’ll be able to embark on quests from their favorite Netflix characters, compete in mini-games and uncover easter eggs they can only find in Netflix Nextworld. It sounds like a metaverse (Netflix Nextworld) inside a metaverse (Roblox), but of course there is no mention of that word as it has a lost a lot of its cachet lately.

The world is one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. You can drop into Netflix Nextworld to hang out with Luffy, Dustin, Wednesday and more. Players can loot, craft, and collect items to expand and customize your own space to hang out with your friends and then head out for adventure.

Fans will be able to check out Stranger Things: Escape from Hawkins High. In this experience, the school dance ended early because rifts opened up throughout the building — it’s up to the player to call for help. But they have to be careful because every time they play there are different challenges. Join three friends or go solo to distract Demogorgons (and Demodogs AND Demobats) away from the escape path.

In East Blue Brawls, players battle waves of enemies to become the most feared pirate on Roblox. They can join up to four other players and take on Luffy’s powers, or the fighting style of Nami, Zoro, Sanji, or Usopp. They can unlock attack combos for every character and increase your bounty the more you brawl with your favorite Straw Hat Pirate’s skills.

Source: GameBeat

What are your thoughts on Netflix and Roblox partnering up like this? Do you think its a good idea or not really?