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Menagerie rewards buffed in Destiny 2

If you are a player of Destiny 2, you will know that a few weeks ago Bungie announced they were going to be doing a community event that would get buffed if players completed all the challenges within a week! True to their word, they did launch a community event for their players last week.

The community event gave players a whole week to kill a whole lot of Hive on Mars and by doing this, they would earn exclusive cosmetics. Players definitely did just as Bungie wanted them to do for this community event, they killed a whole lot of Hive on Mars, completed the challenges and Bungie did exactly what they said they would do, they buffed the Menagerie loot over the weekend which meant additional rewards will now be granted from its final chest every run and this buff will stay until Shadowkeep is released on October 1st.

It definitely seems as though players had a lot of fun completing the challenges that were set out for them by Bungie for this community event, could this mean that we may see more community events in the near future? I sure hope that we do, it's something different and gives us all something to grind towards as a community.