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Last TV show watched?

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charming primrose

New member
Oct 22, 2023
The last TV show that I watched and still watching is Chicago Fire. It's a drama about the men and women, who work at the local fire department in Chicago. I'm going to try and binge the entire Chicago series by January 17th.

So, what was the last TV show you watched?
The last tv show that I watched was Episode 7 from Yellowstone’s 5th season. Ima probably watch the 8th episode later today.
I need to start watching this again. What episode are you on?
I just was watching a random episode. XD I don't watch it super often though I don't mind the show.
I just was watching a random episode. XD I don't watch it super often though I don't mind the show.
I’ve only watched a few episodes from season 1 so far. Do you watch any other shows that are similar to 911? I like chicago fire, chicago md and pd.
The last TV show I watched was Chicago Fire a while ago. I do need to catch up on last season and this season as I have fallen somewhat behind due to work and life.
It should be RHOL . I have been quite busy to see another one for now. I will start another when I'm chanced
The last tv series I watched was swallowed star, it's a Chinese 3d animation, and it is still ongoing.
I recently wanted to re-watch Friends but lacked motivation and decided to start watching Brooklyn 99 instead. So far so good for me
This may sound funny, but the last TV show I watched was The Office, and yeah, I can't remember how many times I have watched The Office now. I really enjoy the show, and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.
The last TV show that l watched last Saturday night was the perfect match. I watch it like every week.
The last series i watched is His mistress child. It was a story about a lawyer that have a mistress outside wedlock. He don't want his wife to know about the relationship . Unfortunately, the mistress died leaving the child alone.