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Gamers Underground 2.0

Gamer Nerd

New member
Aug 9, 2019
Chicago, Illinois


Gamers Underground 2.0 fka The Thunderbrew Club is a Proboards general forum where registered members, young and old alike, discuss a wide range of topics, play forum games and trivia games, anything else that comes to mind. The topics the members will be discussing are:

1. TV
2. Old school memories
3. Anime
4. Manga
5. Pokemon
6. Music
7. Sports (Pro & Collegiate)
8. Pro wrestling
9. Books
10. Video games
11. Computers and the internet
12. Food & recipes
13. Everyday lives
14. Fandoms

Also, to help pass the time and boost their post count, forum posting games includes alphabetical, numerical, miscellany and option a/b. Online personality & fun quizzes can also be played and post results as well.

Trivia games will be played to test the members trivial knowledge by answering questions from any of the chosen subjects and to keep track of their trivia game stats. Also, there's also a trivia night feature where members take part in by answering questions from any of the chosen subjects.

Contests will be held where members participate and win various rewards.

Since coming back to Proboards as an administrator of Gamers Underground 2.0, my goals are to bring in everyday people to join, keeping it drama free making sure members getting along with each other and respecting staff members, interact and keep the forum running.

If you're interested in being a part of the fun and discussions, come to Gamers Underground 2.0 and register today.​