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Fortnite has not had a sizeable concert in-game since the Ariana Grande Tour in 2021, this however, seems to be about to change to some extent by the 2nd of December 2023.

Fortnite leaks that have come to light ahead of the upcoming Fortnite OG Live Event Finale have revealed that Eminem will be coming to Fortnite as part of the finale event. Eminem? I know, we can't believe it ourselves.

It would seem that the Eminem performance will not be the only appearance in the finale but will instead be part of a larger whole, including a Racing Mode, Lego partnership and Rhythm Mode.

According to HypeX's report, the filesize alone for this Fortnite OG event is 1.5GB by itself which is the biggest event by filesize.

So far we know that there will be three Eminem variants which will be the following:

The old Slim Shady

A skin variant showing what Eminem looks like now

If you attend the Fortnite OG finale event, you will also get a Magma version of the modern Eminem skin.

Whether you like Eminem or not, given how long he has been in the music scene, I don't think anyone even thought we would see a Rap God such as Eminem coming to a game like Fortnite.

The Fortnite OG Finale which has now been confirmed by Fortnite as being The Big Bang will take place on the 2nd of December 2023 at 2pm EST (7pm GMT)