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Epic Games sues Fortnite tester

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If you are a player for Fortnite you will know about the latest event a few weeks ago which saw Fortnite hurled into a Black Hole leaving all fans of the game wondering what Epic Games had planned next or whether Fortnite would even be coming back.

After around a day of the black hole at the end of Season X, leaks started to appear online and it would seem that the person who allowed the leaks to be pushed online which soon went viral was in actual fact a Fortnite Tester and with them leaking news on Chapter 2 they ruined the suspense that epic had been working for months to increase.

It would seem that Epic Games are now taking things a step forward and g the tester who leaked Chapter 2 before Epic Games were ready to release it themselves will be sued.

A lawsuit that has been filed to a North Carolina court this past week states that Ronald Sykes broke a non-disclosure agreement after testing the game in September. Ronald Sykes leaked information regarding the new map, swimming coming to the game, upgrade stations coming to the game and boats. These were all leaked across multiple accounts on Twitter.

It would seem that Ronald Sykes cashed in on the information he had received from being a tester despite the fact he had signed an agreement that stated he was not to leak anything, this ruined the hype not only for Epic Games but also for all Fortnite players throughout the world and Epic Games do not take this kind of thing lightly.

This is not the first time Epic Games have had to sue a tester, back last year details about season 4 were leaked by a tester who was sued by Epic Games.