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Do you use a starting soon screen?

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May 26, 2019
England, UK
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Something I have done myself in the past and something I also know other people do as well is use a starting soon screen when they first start streaming. This is ideal if you wish to go live whilst you are still getting ready for your stream such as setting things up, getting a drink and ensuring everything is set for your stream. It can also be ideal so that you can share on your socials that you are now live as well without looking rude.

Do you use a starting soon screen? Do you feel it is a better way of getting live on time whilst you are still getting ready?
I do (again, stopped for a while), but keep it short. ~5 mins or less. I have it set to be "0" at 2:05 PM since I normally go live at 2, and if I start 2 mins late, it'll only show 3. :p
Yes, I always ahve a starting screen with no clock/timmer anymore. Years ago I used to have a countdown clock around 5mins with a song playing. Now I have a nice starting screen with an image or game in the background with no countdown clock. I have it running and I always let the starting screen go on as long as I feel fit and ready ;) So from 5mins to 10mins mostly.

Also have ending screen :)