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Do you prefer a laptop or a desktop?

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Smokey's Baby Girl <3
May 26, 2019
England, UK
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Most of us have either a desktop PC or a laptop. Depending on our preference, what we prefer to use and also what we do on the computer.

I myself have always preferred laptops for convenience and being able to work even if I want a change of scenery. I have in the past used desktops but with a desktop, you don't always have that allowance for a change of scenery.

What do you prefer to use when it comes to a laptop or desktop?
I like my laptop so I can use it when I travel. That's not too often, but good to know I can check on things while I'm away. I have it hooked up to a big monitor and separate keyboard.
A laptop, since I've always wanted the portability. (I don't need it as much as I did in my university days, but it's still nice to have!)
Desktop! even though my laptop is quite nice, i only use it when i'm busy and need to work outside.. not VERY useful for me though.
I rather my desktop to do my work.
I have open many things at the same time, so a laptop would burn really quick :) - I have tried before with a laptop.
I like desktops. It just what I always used until my desktop crashed. Anyway, I can see the benefits of laptops, though, in regards to portability, but actually desktops have gotten way smaller also, however.
I always prefer a laptop over a desktop because of its portability. I can literally do anything I want on the laptop from any corner of the world. That's something that is difficult when it comes to a desktop.
I prefer a laptop because it gives me the opportunity to work on the road. When I go out I can just carry my laptop in my bag and work on it later.
That is not possible with desktop as I have to sit down in one place.
I prefer laptop because it is flexible and have internal battery you can use when the electric is not available. In my country, we use to have energy challenge. Therefore, due to my environment, desktop is not an option.
I prefer my laptop as opposed to using the desktop.

Besides, I bought my laptop so that I would stay off the desktop anyway. My hubby usually is the one using the desktop and I'm sure he appreciates the fact that I'm not on it all the time.
These days, I prefer a laptop over a desktop. The last time I had a desktop I was a teenager.
I haven’t used a desk top in years honestly. So obvisouly I prefer lap tops. I like the option to take it where I want and how it’s smaller.