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Do you play random games on stream or do you stick with one game?

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Smokey's Baby Girl <3
May 26, 2019
England, UK
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Something I noticed when I was streaming is that some streamers tend to worry about what they will play on stream or if playing a game away from their usual will make their numbers drop in terms of viewers. I will admit that I on the odd occasion used to worry about what I was going to play on stream and my main worry would be that I would lose viewers if I did.

I soon realized that paying less attention to my numbers and playing what I enjoyed was the better option for me.

Do you play random games on stream or do you stick with one game? Does changing games from your usual to something else worry you?
I played whatever I felt like playing when I was supposed to be live. I found it to be better to just play whatever you wanted. Your viewers should be coming in to support and watch/spend time with YOU, not what game is being played by you.
If you're passionate about a lot of different games I think that's a great idea and it switches up content so viewers know each day might be different. Also be great to have a lot of different content you could cut for social media or YouTube.
There is beauty in variety. If you are interested in many games then you can share them with your followers. Actually sometimes it can seem monotonous to always stream a particular game So you can spice it up by being vast and unpredictable.