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Big Day for Xbox Game Pass on November 9th!

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November 9th 2023 is going to be a big day for Xbox Game Pass and that may have many of you wondering why November 9th is so important.

On November 9th, Xbox Game Pass will see three new games coming to the Xbox Game Pass lineup. If you are someone who has a Game Pass subscription and tends to look out for the new games coming to the service, you will know that it is very rare to see three games released in one day.

So, what games will we be seeing coming to Xbox Game Pass on November 9th? Below are the games coming on that date so make sure to mark your calendars for when they drop on the service.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
Dungeons 4
For those who have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you will also have access to Wild Hearts which is a Monster Hunter-style game. This will be part of the EA Play lineup which you also have access to with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Not a bad line-up for November 9th at all!


I'm excited for Like a Dragon Gaiden. I love the series. Still playing through Ishin. Can't wait to go back to playing as Kiryu in this spin-off game on the 9th. :-D