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Best ways to grow your channel/following as a streamer.

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As a streamer, it can be difficult to gain a following or for people to find and watch you. So how do you get out there in the giant sea of content creators and stand out? Here are some do's and don'ts on how to grow your following and become a successful streamer:

Before anything/Pre-requisites:
  1. Grab your streaming software of choice & download/install it.
  2. Get a bot and set it up for your stream.

Steps to Success:

1) Follow 4 Follow does NOT work. Do not do this..

2) Have a easy to remember username. Avoid numbers, dashes or other special characters in your usernmae. Saying that...... KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) and try to keep your username unified across all major social platforms you're a part of if you can help it.

3) Get a logo! No one likes a default/blueberry! Having noticeable branding is IMPORTANT to your success!

4) NEVER shut up! Even if you're streaming to 0 viewers. Continue to talk and try to hold a conversation as if you were streaming to 10,000 people! No one likes a silent streamer and that can be one of your biggest downfalls if you don't talk enough on stream, this is double important if you do not use a webcam! If we wanted to watch a silent stream of just gameplay with no streamer interaction, we'd just go watch a youtube video!

5) Let Lurkers LURK! Do NOT call people out when they come into your channel unless they talk FIRST! it's a good way to scare people off. Someone may just want to check you out first before hitting that follow button. Don't call them out of lurk mode and try to force engagement, it's a bad look, and unprofessional.

6) Have a consistent schedule. Being live at the same time on the same set days out of the week is key to success. Think of your channel as a tv show people enjoy watching. That tv show has a specific time slot that it airs each week. Stick to a consistent timeslot and schedule. If a schedule is hard to keep, try moving to a timeslot that you know you can stream at consistently. Humans are creatures of habit and we like our television shows, we expect to know when Homicide Hunter is on each week and can count on it being on Wednesdays at a certain time. Streaming is no differnet! Be consistent, have a schedule!

7) Support other streamers! Hanging out in other streams and making friendships is vital to your own stream's success! Don't go into someone else's stream and post "I'm streaming now too! come watch me." That doesn't work and will get you a bad reputation, instead, hang out in streams of streamers that you feel are similar to your own style, make friends, get to know other streamers and build a community through friendships and lasting relationships!

8) Post on social media when you're going live - but not just when you're going live! Have a presence on Social Media! Interact with other streamers on twitter, facebook. Post when you're going live with a link to your stream, every time you go live, but also interact in other ways, like tweets, retweet when others are live to share their streams with your social following and show support!

9) Utilize discord! Join a few discord servers of streamers! get to know them, intermingle into their community. Use the promotion sections of these discords to post your stream and when you're live!

10) Network, Network, network! Networking NEVER stops! Go to convetions if/when possible, have merch made for your streams to wear to these conventions so people know who you are. Make new relationships with big companies if possible!

11) Respect others, respect yourself, and stay humble! If you suddenly blow up, stay humble, remember that everyone started at ZERO at one point or another, no one streamer is better or more important than the next. Stay positive, stay humble, always! A great man, CrankyCanuck (Rest in Peace Cranky!) Once said.... Give Respect, Get Respect, or GTFO!

12) Add your stream to our stream library by Clicking here. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to be tweeted out and shared when you go live!

13) Feature your stream on our site here and gain even more exposure by having your stream on our index page whenever you go live. - Click here to Feature your stream today!.

14) Join our Guilded Server and connect with other content creators in real time! - Join the official Revillution Guilded Server.

Bonus tip: Get in on our auto host on Twitch. Leave a lurk up on these pages to find new streamers hosted every 30 minutes. This is an easy way to meet new streamers you might just end up finding your new favorite!

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Changelong: - 5/9/2020 - Added a point, and re-positioned the rest of the bullet points.
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