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Battlefield 2042 set to be delayed - Still releasing in 2021. *UPDATED*

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The rumor mill is spinning up and with it comes a rumor that Battlefield 2042 is not in the best of shape according to a few insiders. This has stirred rumors that DICE will formally announce a delay on the release of Battlefield 2042. According to popular insider & credible source for leaks the first bit of information came from gaming journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, stating that another game will be announcing a delay later this week. Popular leaker Tom Henderson has stated in a tweet this delay will only be a matter of weeks and not months like people have been speculating.

The tweet in question by Tom Henderson states as much. So it appears EA has also emailed play testers of the closed tech test for Battlefield 2042 for feedback which was probably used to come to this decision to delay the game. The delay appears to be only until the middle of November.

UPDATE: Battlefield 2042 has been delayed a month. The new release date is November 19th 2021.
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