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Apple Arcade is coming!

If you are a gamer the one thing you will always be looking out for is new ways to play games. On September 19th, 2019 Apple will be releasing their very own Arcade game subscription service which will cost $4.99 a month! Not only that but you will also be able to use your Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers with the Arcade as it will support these devices on launch, how amazing is that!

What will the game subscription service allow me to do though many will ask? If you are the owner of an iPhone, iPad, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Apple TV you will be able to play games across all of these devices for that one low monthly price.

Much like other services such as Google's Stadia, Apple's game subscription service will not be streaming games to your devices, instead, you will be able to download the games to your device and play them once they are downloaded. That means whether you have an online connection or not, you will always be able to play your games.

Once the subscription service is fully launched on September 19th, it will be launched with more than 100 new and exclusive games in which Apple are working with game creators to bring to the subscription service.

Apple has confirmed that none of these games that are available through the Apple Game Subscription will be available elsewhere, they will be exclusive to Apple only, so you will not find them on your Android device or through any other game streaming service.

So, you may be wondering what game will be coming when the subscription service launches on the 19th of September? Here is a list of what has been confirmed by Apple so far with more to come after the release of their service.

The Artful Escape, from Annapurna Interactive
Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree, from Wildboy Studios
Beyond a Steel Sky, from Revolution Software
Box Project, by Mediocre Mel
The Bradwell Conspiracy, from Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan
Cardpocalypse, from Versus Evil and Gambrinous
Doomsday Vault, from Flightless
Down in Bermuda, from Yak & Co
Enter the Construct, from Directive Games
Fantasian, from Mistwalker
Frogger in Toy Town, from Konami
HitchHiker, from Versus Evil and Mad About Pandas
Hot Lava, from Klei Entertainment
Kings of the Castle, from Frosty Pop
Lego Arthouse, from Lego
Lego Brawls, from Lego and Red Games
Lifelike, from Kunabi Brother
Little Orpheus, The Chinese Room
Momomals, from Picomy
Mr. Turtle, from Illusion Labs
No Way Home, from SMG Studio
Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, from Cornfox & Bros.
Overland, from Finji
The Pathless, from Annapurna and Giant Squid
Projection: First Light, from Blowfish Studios and Shadowplay Studios
Repair, from UsTwo Games
Sayonara Wild Hearts, from Annapurna Interactive and Simogo
Shantae 5, from WayForward
Sneaky Sasquatch, from RAC7
Sonic Racing, from Sega and HardLight
Spidersaurs, from WayForward
UFO on Tape: First Contact, from Revolutionary Concepts
Where Cards Fall, from Snowman and The Game Board
Winding Worlds, from Ko_op
Yaga, from Versus Evil and Breadcrumbs Interactive

Pretty amazing list, that's for sure! I am eager to find out how all this works out when it is released and if it will be worth the $4.99 a month. So far, with that list of games just to start, it definitely seems that way!