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  1. #GAMING #YOUTUBEGAMING  #GAMEPLAY #ROGUECOMPANY  #Letsplay with derwingamer2 :going rogue

    #GAMING #YOUTUBEGAMING #GAMEPLAY #ROGUECOMPANY #Letsplay with derwingamer2 :going rogue

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  2. Smokey

    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1&2 Warehouse Demo now available!

    That's right, if you pre-ordered the upcoming Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1&2 remaster on the PSN or Xbox store you now have access to search for and download the "Warehouse" demo. The demo consists of 1 skater and just the Warehouse level, it's a whooping 5.88GB on xbox one. It looks visually...
  3. Smokey

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Crossplay Beta starts September 19th.

    Infinity ward has revealed that the Crossplay beta will be going live on September 20th. Which means PS4 players will be able to resume playing the beta on the 20th at 6PM PT alongside PC and Xbox One players who have pre-ordered the game. Xbox and PC pre-orders gain access to the beta for the...