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  1. Shortie

    MixItUp now has an ambassador program!

    MixItUp today announced their ambassador program! They are looking for users of the MixItUp Bot/App who have advanced knowledge of Mix It Up! Benefits and Perks of being part of the ambassador program: - Yearly swag package - Custom Mix It Up theme available to all users - Dedicated feedback...
  2. Shortie

    Longer streams or shorter streams?

    What are your thoughts between shorter streams and longer streams? I all too often see people doing huge streams daily, sometimes 12 or more hours with no incentive to do those hours, it's just something they do on the daily and often end up burned out way too quickly. I myself don't mind doing...
  3. The Glimesh Launch Day Experience

    The Glimesh Launch Day Experience

    All my links have been moved to libby at https://libby.gg/matty
  4. Smokey

    Glimesh Glimesh Profile/Username List

    Glimesh is here and with that, we want to provide a one-stop place for people to connect with each other on the new platform. We are going to be bringing full Glimesh support to Revillution with usernames/links in our profiles as well as stream support in the showcase. However, there is no ETA...