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  1. Uncrowned Guard

    Uncrowned Addiction (Off-Topic/Tech Community)

    Uncrowned Addiction provides free, community-driven, online resources for the advancement, development, growth, and improvement of our user's technology-focused activities. Uncrowned Addiction provides a free-to-use technology-based community for everyone to use. Our community is focused on...
  2. Shortie

    Viewers who only come in when you are on a certain game.

    Something I have noticed throughout my time streaming from October 2017 until now is that you tend to get a whole lot of viewers who will only jump into your streams when you are playing a specific game. I like to be able to switch between games that I am enjoying and I will admit that...
  3. Shortie

    Longer streams or shorter streams?

    What are your thoughts between shorter streams and longer streams? I all too often see people doing huge streams daily, sometimes 12 or more hours with no incentive to do those hours, it's just something they do on the daily and often end up burned out way too quickly. I myself don't mind doing...