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  1. Shortie

    Overwatch Coming To Nintendo Switch!

    Overwatch is one of the most popular games to date with many people still playing this game, 3 years after it was first launched. Now, Overwatch fans are able to play Overwatch on the Switch which means you can play the game whilst on the go too! So, when is Overwatch going to be available on...
  2. Shortie

    SNES Games have come to the Nintendo Switch!

    I have a lot of fond memories from the Super Nintendo so seeing games from the SNES come to Nintendo Switch, as you would imagine, I was jumping for joy and couldn't wait to download it on my Switch! If you are a Nintendo Switch Online member then you will have access to this through the...
  3. Shortie

    Mechs finally nerfed in Fortnite!

    Many Fortnite players may now be jumping for joy and getting back into enjoying Fortnite like they used to! Just last night, Epic Games announced that they have finally nerfed the mechs making it much more fair for all. What does this mean for those who use the mechs and those who don't? For...
  4. Shortie

    How do you deal with avoiding burn out?

    I find it very difficult to not get burned out and I believe that is because of my life away from stream as well as streaming. Usually I take a few days off, try and do other things I enjoy so that I do not get burned out. Usually though depending on what kind of week I have sometimes I can get...
  5. Shortie

    What made you start live streaming?

    For me I started live streaming on Twitch a while back just out of pure interest, it wasn't until I noticed Beam that then became Mixer where I was able to easily stream from my Xbox. At first I did it for fun and as a hobby but the more I streamed and the more I built up my equipment the more I...
  6. Shortie

    Favourite Streaming Platform?

    For me I would have to say Mixer is definitely my go to streaming platform especially when it comes to meeting new people and watching gaming content. I do use YouTube but usually the only time I use YouTube is if I am looking for something specific, looking for new music or watching funny videos.
  7. Shortie

    Trials of Osiris coming back to Destiny 2?

    Those of you who are a fan of the Destiny games will have heard about Trials of Osiris and you may be happy to hear that it will be coming back to Destiny 2 when the Shadowkeep update rolls out on the 1st October! Map changes and changes to multiplayer games will also be coming! Are you excited...
  8. Shortie

    Playstation Launch Event announced!

    It looks as though fans of Playstation will be getting a launch event in February 2020 with details of when the Playstation 5 will be released as well as other details regarding the next generation console from Sony. Are you looking forward to the launch event and finding out more information...
  9. Shortie

    Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Expansion is huge!!

    If you already thought that Destiny 2 was already big in terms of game size on the hard drive then you are in for a shock with the next update Shadowkeep on October 1st 2019! The Shadowkeep expansion will need a huge 68GB of space taking the whole game to a whopping 165GB of hard drive space...
  10. Shortie

    Destiny 2 is finally getting cross-save on August 21st!

    Players have long been asking for a cross-save feature on Destiny 2 and finally now on August 21st we will be getting just that! From August 21st you will be able to move your account freely from one platform to another, they are also releasing it this early before the Shadowkeep expansion on...
  11. Shortie

    What consoles do you own?

    Right now I own 3 Xbox One's 1 Nintendo Switch 1 Playstation 4 1 Xbox Original 3 Xbox 360 1 PSP 1 PSP Vita 2 Nintendo DS 1 Nintendo 3DS 1 Nintendo Wii
  12. Shortie

    Fortnite Season X

    Fortnite Season X is finally out and whilst many people are happy with the new updates and are excited to see the constant changes that will be coming to the map on a daily or weekly basis, some people are unhappy with the amount of changes that were made on the map upon initial release of...
  13. Shortie

    Your current Weather?

    We have sunny periods and cloud at the moment with wind and some showers.
  14. Shortie

    Your current Mood?

    My current mood at the moment is achy and tired.
  15. Shortie

    Greet me!

    Hey @Demon_skeith :) welcome to Revillution! It's great to have you here!
  16. Shortie

    Game room for old systems?

    I would love a game room myself to be able to set up the old consoles I have around the house. Unfortunately I do not have the room to be able to have a room strictly just for old game consoles so I have to make do with how I have things set up now. Having a room with old retro consoles and...
  17. Shortie

    Laptop or desktop?

    I prefer both if I am honest. I used to be strictly laptop only but since getting a new desktop just over a year ago now, I much prefer to be sat at my desk doing things I need to do and then using my laptop for when I am doing things around the house or even when I am in bed.
  18. Shortie

    Weekend plans?

    This weekend will be spent relaxing, gaming and weather depending maybe heading out to do a few bits of shopping.
  19. Shortie

    Weekend plans?

    This weekend is looking really grim in terms of weather so I may be stuck in doing housework and streaming on an evening.