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  1. Megan

    Ritz Crisps

    I haven't had them. But maybe I'll have to try them. I love their crackers. XD
  2. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    A bit sunny out.
  3. Megan

    What Games Are You Playing Right Now?

  4. Megan


    Well, my mom does the gardens. We just have a bunch of flower gardens.
  5. Megan

    Last movie watched?

    The Lion King (2019)
  6. Megan

    Currently listening to?

    "Welcome to the Show" - My Little Pony - Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks -
  7. Megan

    Your current Mood?

    Pretty happy and excited
  8. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    Pretty sunny out.
  9. Megan

    Having chest colds.

    HATE being sick with a passion. I never do well with it. I hope you feel better soon!
  10. Megan


    I like pizza. I go in spurts with eating it. I mostly like onions and pepperoni. I don't mind green peppers though. My favorite place to get it is Pizza Hut.
  11. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    Sunny and warm.
  12. Megan

    Your current Mood?

    Kinda blah.
  13. Megan


    Total posts 4731 • Total topics 219 • Total members 28
  14. Megan

    Your current Mood?

    Kinda blah.
  15. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    Sunny out.
  16. Megan


    Latest Post: A new necklace and vacation!
  17. Megan

    Who mows the yard at your house?

    My dad. He loves it too. XD
  18. Megan

    Favorite Forum Software

    I’ve mostly just used phpBB, which I’ve stuck with for years. So yeah, that’s a favorite of mine.
  19. Megan

    Book vs The Visual Depiction

    Most of the ones I’ve watched, I’ve found the book is usually way better. Some of the movies and stuff based on them are either horrible, or not too bad.
  20. Megan

    Theater vs. Home

    I only will see them in theater if it’s something I really want to see. Otherwise i’ll Watch it at home.