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  1. Smokey

    Favourite Streaming Platform?

    Definitely Mixer for me. :) I've met so many awesome people on that platform. :) Couldn't see myself streaming anywhere else to be fair.
  2. Smokey

    Stream Teams? your thoughts on them?

    Yeah TheSHED is an awesome group of folks. If you can dude, DM me those assets over Discord.
  3. Smokey

    So I made a crappy montage....

    So i made a crappy montage using upload studio but some of the footage got fucked up.......here's the video anyway:
  4. Smokey

    Need to add a trollface emote. :P

    Need to add a trollface emote. :P
  5. Smokey

    Ritz Crisps

    Indeed. Bacon is one of my favorite flavors. I can't keep too many bags in stock though cuz i'll eat them all in no time at all. :P Damn things are addictive.
  6. Smokey


    Oh god it's @Kaos131 :P Hey buddy, welcome to Revillution. :) If you have any questions or need anything just ask. :)
  7. Smokey

    Ritz Crisps

    Anyone have these? They're like Ritz answer to potato chips here in the US. They are FANTASTIC. They got some great and unique flavors too like Buffalo chicken wings, sweet chili & sour cream, bacon, BBQ, and of course things like salt & vinegar. I'm a big fan of them as they are less fat and...
  8. Smokey

    Hey gorgeous! Super proud of you! <3

    Hey gorgeous! Super proud of you! <3
  9. Smokey

    Yakuza series

    I would definitely try to get a copy of Kiwami and/or Zero first and starting there @Demon_skeith :)
  10. Smokey

    Destiny 2 is finally getting cross-save on August 21st!

    This is awesome news and might actually make me play again. I can have BVR, Jess and @ELSock run me through everything. :P
  11. Smokey

    Turok and Turok 2 double pack on Switch?

    I saw on twitter that apparently there's a double-pack for Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil available on the Switch in physical form? So apparently you get two cartidges one per game? Does anyone know if this is for real? I'm curious because I knwo these two games are available digitally on xbox...
  12. Smokey

    Having chest colds.

    How do you deal with illness? I've had a pretty bad chest cold since Monday, coughing up mucus and all this crap. Kinda stuffed up and congested. I went to the doctors today and got some antibiotics now but it's annoying being this unwell. I barely slept last night cuz I just couldn't stop coughing.
  13. Smokey

    Working hard on Revillution! What would you like to see added?

    Working hard on Revillution! What would you like to see added?
  14. Smokey

    Stream Teams? your thoughts on them?

    What do you think about stream teams? Are you a part of any on your respected platform of choice? I think stream teams are a great idea for content creators to support each other and grow as a community, together. I run a stream team and i'm also a part of one, ran by @ELSock called The Sock...
  15. Smokey

    Your current Weather?

    It's a bit gray and gloomy today :( Unfortunately. :(
  16. Smokey

    Hello all!

    Hey there @Uncrowned :) Welcome to Revillution! Enjoy your stay here with us and if you have any questions or need anything just ask. :)
  17. Smokey


    I'm a huge fan of pizza. My favorites are pepperoni, I also really enjoy buffalo chicken pizza, when it's done right.
  18. Smokey

    Your current Weather?

    It's nice out here in NY, I just wish I felt better and wasn't battling a chest cold. :(
  19. Smokey

    How was your vacation? :)

    How was your vacation? :)
  20. Smokey


    Right, because they would want it to be the most powerful handheld on the market no doubt.