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  1. PanduhKingTV

    Moving to Trovo

    So with all the recent drama with tritch, it kinda just locks in the fact I want to leave that over saturated toxic platform and go back to a platform similar to where I started (mixer) can someone help me get a understanding of the mechanisms on trovo, mana, gold? stuff like that im hella...
  2. PanduhKingTV

    Sounds FX

    Hey guys, just a question does anyone have any SFX files they are willing to share or know of a good place to bulk download some sounds for video editons? different noises/sounds/memes/quotes etc. to overlay on videos. I can find website but they are all minor and not particularly useful, and I...
  3. PanduhKingTV

    My Last Video [Easily Share Link to Previous Video]

    Thought I would give this cool tool to you guys that not many people seem to be using or know about! it is called My Last Video and is powered by streamloots! its a simple link that will grab your recent youtube videos with said link and will always update to your latest content! great for...
  4. PanduhKingTV

    Youtube Editor?

    So I have been looking for someone who can help me in terms of edting up my streams/videos to post to youtube. I have checked out website like Fiverr but I think I would prefer someone I know a bit better and who I can work closer with. Does anyone here do any video editing for people or know of...
  5. PanduhKingTV

    Road to 100 | A noobtubers journey

    PanduhKing's Youtube Goals/Achievement Thread I thought it would be fun to keep a thread of my youtube adventures, you guys will know me as panduhking from twitch and I have recently tried to optimise my youtube channel! I am going for 50 subscribers then 100! and ultimately the big 1000, this...
  6. PanduhKingTV

    Gamer Energy drinks... do they work?

    Hey guys! so here is a question for you all as I am quite curious to see what the verdict is. I am sure most of you have heard of some form of 'gamer energy' drinks, such as Gfuel, Gamer supps, Wraith Energy, Sneak... list goes on. (if you guys are clueless as to what I am talking about, here...
  7. PanduhKingTV

    Tech Support

    Just purchased myself an xp pen G640 drawing tablet and I have installed the drivers yet it keeps telling me to "connect tablet" any idea whats going on? or anyone have this issue before I have tried literally everything and even had to contact customer support, bit ridiculous ngl.
  8. PanduhKingTV

    Custom URL

    So, I am not sure how long this has been a thing but 100 subscribers to get your own custom URL? what do you guys think, pursonally to and extent I CAN understand this but in terms of a goal and making it an achieveble thing to work for. but then if your url code is sdfgnsdgfsdfgsfgsd8gs4545jh...
  9. PanduhKingTV

    Streaming and editing content to YouTube

    So, I have recently started uploading to YouTube and I know a lot of creators edit down their 8 hours streams or so and upload them to YouTube. my question is what do you decide is YouTube worthy. for example ive just completed a resident evil biohazard play through over on my stream and I have...
  10. PanduhKingTV

    New YouTube channel! Road to 100 subs

    So I recently decided to make a YouTube channel to post things along side my twitch channel. I would appreciate it if you guys dropped a sub and checked out my channel! im a newbie so my videos are not perfect but trying to make them better with each video I post, besides how can you get better...
  11. PanduhKingTV

    Portable wifi / Hotspot?

    So recently I have been having issues with my wifi connection, it is disgustingly unreliable most of the time nowadays. I do live in a shared block so the wifi is used by loads of other devices. Does anyone recommend a way, or know of any affordable packages that I could use to obtain a good...
  12. PanduhKingTV

    Hey there!

    Hey everyone, my name is ZombieKing, and I am a newbie streamer and content creator over on twitch. A few months ago I decided I would give streaming a try over on Mixer and things went great I built myself a small little community and soon realised I had found my new favourite hobby! as I am...