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  1. CatclawFyreHeart

    Planet Zoo

    I just recently bought planet zoo, now that I finally got things Squared away with the bank. I have to say I just love the game, and being able to create my own zoo is worth it. Also getting the enjoyment out of seeing those animals that get enriched by living with other animals is great fun...
  2. CatclawFyreHeart

    Happy Halloween

    I hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween, and get plenty of trick or treaters.
  3. CatclawFyreHeart

    World of Warcraft

    Out of curiosity who still plays world of warcraft, or at least interested in returning to play it. I am probably going to be one of the few that will probably return to play wow, just because I actually miss my characters that I used to play on the different realm servers. Plus I am debating...