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  1. AnjimPlays

    Streets of Rage 4 Review

    I have yet to play this game and I love the graphic using modern and retro style. I will gave to put this one my list went I get a ps5
  2. AnjimPlays


    Valorant is fun but my PC can't handle it properly but I will give it another go in the near future.
  3. AnjimPlays


    Yes I am a off and one anime watcher but my taste has gone down throughout the years due to real life experience. But I love Fruit Basket and Shaman King 2021.
  4. AnjimPlays

    Live Streaming for Beginners

    Yes are doing to need a decent pc to run OBS or Xspilt. Along with funds to get microphone and other equipment like Elgato Game Capture. I don't recommended using console streaming option because it has limitations. One more piece of advice is NETWORKING that's the key to become a successful...
  5. AnjimPlays

    Hello There! Let's connect

    nice to meet you too
  6. AnjimPlays

    Emulator Do you use Any?

    I might Fightcade uses snes, genesis, arcade and many more is the ultimate emulator.
  7. AnjimPlays

    Favourite retro Console?

    I enjoy Sega Dreamcast, SNES and MS DOS ( PC).
  8. AnjimPlays

    Retro Games on PC?

    Yes I play some on Steam and GOG along with Humble Bundle. I don't like using Emulator because of audio and graphic issues.
  9. AnjimPlays

    Where do you purchase your retro games?

    I would say estarland, dkoldies and amazon.
  10. AnjimPlays

    rebranded new yt channel

    Go for it and I know I miss Mixer so bad but I am sure to check out your rebranding channel. Best of luck to you
  11. AnjimPlays

    Custom URL

    I don't understand ever how many subs you need to get a custom url probably 100 or 1,000 that's kind of confusing.
  12. AnjimPlays

    New series started on YouTube.

    I not into baseball but the intro makes me laugh. Good video man
  13. AnjimPlays

    12 followers away from 1000 on TikTok!

    U got this. I will follow you on Tik Tok for support. Keep up the good works.
  14. AnjimPlays

    Upgrading to the OLED Switch?

    I think it's kind of disappointing but other hand some people don't care about 4k gaming. Having a 7 inch screen and ethernet port is nice along with new kickstand. Is it worth getting and upgrading at all?
  15. AnjimPlays

    Hello There! Let's connect

    nice to meet you shadow
  16. AnjimPlays

    Introducing RevBux - A new site-based currency!

    Keep up the good works
  17. AnjimPlays

    YouTube partner program?

    Well One day I might get into the YouTuber Partner Program but that's unlikely due to my sub and view count. It might take years to reach that goal.
  18. AnjimPlays

    Will You Be Checking Out Glimesh?

    I knew a streamer using Glimesh and he said alot of people left that platform.
  19. AnjimPlays

    Trovo StreamElements is now available for Trovo!

    Amazing I am thinking about getting Stream Elements but I left Trovo tho. Thanks for that.