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  1. Smokey

    Weekend plans?

    Setting up my new laptop that's due to arrive tomorrow, might do a stream on Trovo or Twitch, not sure yet. :-D We shall see!
  2. Smokey

    My slight absence.

    Laptop has shipped! Should be in my possession early next week! Then i can get back into the full swing of things!
  3. Smokey

    Laptop shipped! Be back in full swing next week!

    Laptop shipped! Be back in full swing next week!
  4. Smokey

    Last game played/currently playing?

    Yakuza 4 on the Xbox.
  5. Smokey

    My slight absence.

    It was a nightmare @Megan ! I'm really hoping this new one ships on time and i get it on the date stated, because, yeah, enough is enough now =P
  6. Smokey

    My slight absence.

    They never shipped the X17, said in the email if it wasn't shipped by August 2nd, it'd be cancelled, so i went and cancelled t in person today and ordered the M17 model, that was in stock and not 'backordered', and it says i'll have it by August 2nd. So, still an Alienware, just a different...
  7. Smokey

    My slight absence.

    New laptop ordered. Should be here by 8/2. Need to rely on this ol' iPad for a little longer.......just hoping this whole fiasco is behind me now going forward.
  8. Smokey

    New connections added!

    Users can now connect and even register/login using the following services: Twitch Discord Spotify Steam This will allow for quicker registrations and to sync these social accounts up with your Revillution account, such as pulling in your avatar & username. :) You can connect other accounts...
  9. Smokey

    Smokey & Revillution birthday sale!

    My birthday is today (7/19) and Revillution's birthday is on the 26h, so in honor of that, for the next week we'll be holding a sale on account upgrades! If you purchase specific upgrades you'll get them at a discounted price! Want to feature your stream? Now is a perfect time to do so! head...
  10. Smokey

    Vote for us!

    Hey folks! Our buddies over at Forum Promotion do a community of the month challenge each month. Each month, we try to enter. You can help us win by voting for us by clicking here. An account is required. All votes for Revillution would be greatly appreciated, and if you got a couple of...
  11. Smokey

    RevShop Prices

    Shop Item List Stream Feature (1 week) - $10.000 RevBux Stream Feature (1 month) - $25,000 RevBux Stream Feature (1 day) - $3,000 RevBux Notice Advertisement (1 day) - $3,000 RevBux Notice Advertisement (1 week) - $12,500 RevBux Notice Advertisement (1 month) - $20,000 RevBux Sticky Thread (1...
  12. Smokey

    Introducing RevBux - A new site-based currency!

    Still working on setting this all up, but referrals will now grant credits. The amount granted is different depending on the usergroup you reside in. For Partners, check the partner section. :)
  13. Smokey

    Introducing RevBux - A new site-based currency!

    Something like that, yeah. Users who register get 100 Revbux, i'm looking into how much the referer would get, if it's properly set up or not. So it's still in the testing/set-up phases, things may change down the road. :) Next step: The RevShop, which will allow you to purchase on-site...
  14. Smokey

    My slight absence.

    The repair isn't happening. I ordered a brand new Alienware, it's their new X17 model that started releasing the beginning of June. However, the specific model of it i ordered, has a slight delay with the display (it's a 360hz display) so that's what's holding it up I believe.
  15. Smokey

    15'' or 17'' Display Screen

    17.3" all day for gaming laptops for me! I don't use any external displays so the bigger the display, the better IMO.
  16. Smokey

    Weekend plans?

    Hopefully spend some time with @Shortie , work on Rev a bit, and play some games.
  17. Smokey

    Streaming memories?

    Do you have any real fond streaming-related memories? I got a few. Mainly when I hit 1K on Mixer. It was my birthday stream of 2019. No one could foresee the disaster/storm that would come June of 2020, just shy of a year later. What about you? Share your stories & memories.
  18. Smokey

    No problem. :-D

    No problem. :-D
  19. Smokey

    Awesome! Enjoy the checkmark. :-D

    Awesome! Enjoy the checkmark. :-D
  20. Smokey

    No problem! :-) If you're looking to get verified (blue checkmark) we just updated our...

    No problem! :-) If you're looking to get verified (blue checkmark) we just updated our requirements, but, if you have a pic of your old mixer follower count (just so we have an idea, i'm pretty sure you qualify) we might be able to hook you up with that, if you're interested of course. :P