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    Favourite Xbox Game?

    The Halo Series will always hold a special place in my gaming world. Just hoping Halo Infinite is good and not over hyped.
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    Nintendo just has all the games that are fun on mobile. Not that Xbox or PS don't have fun mobile games or can't add them, but we turned to Xbox for AAA shooters and PS for AAA adventure and they just can't keep those levels of quality on a mobile device so in theory they can't really rise to...
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    Your steam library?

    I just cleared 300 this year.
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    Which game storefront?

    Steam is my primary go to as Steam just leads the way, but GoG is my favorite due to DRM free content. Otherwise all the other launchers and stores I use are just due to games not being on one of those two platforms and really don't prefer any of them.
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    I think everyone has nailed the reasoning here, but I personally have always wondered why no one has taken on a Windows based handheld device. Ya, we have laptops and tablets, but there really in no reason you couldn't pound Windows 10 into a Switch-like device with built on controllers and run...
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    Hello all!

    I will do so! Thanks for the welcome!
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    Hello all!

    Figured I'd take a second to say hello to everyone!!