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    Moving to Trovo

    So with all the recent drama with tritch, it kinda just locks in the fact I want to leave that over saturated toxic platform and go back to a platform similar to where I started (mixer) can someone help me get a understanding of the mechanisms on trovo, mana, gold? stuff like that im hella...
  2. This NFT SOLD OUT in under 2 minutes

    This NFT SOLD OUT in under 2 minutes

    Reviewing the latest NFT drop on blankos block party, Pug Life and giving my thoughts and feelings on the situation of the NFT's and the future of the marke...
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    Sounds FX

    Thanks I have had a look at this site, but the only issue is its limited to actually knowing what you're looking for (if that makes sense and some of the sounds are also very limited) but I suppose I will have to make do for now! just a pain to have to download a lot individually
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    Sounds FX

    Hey guys, just a question does anyone have any SFX files they are willing to share or know of a good place to bulk download some sounds for video editons? different noises/sounds/memes/quotes etc. to overlay on videos. I can find website but they are all minor and not particularly useful, and I...
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    Road to 100 | A noobtubers journey

    Thanks, growing on TikTok has so much to do with it, almost at 1k followers and the results gave certainly impacted my twitch and other socials !
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    Road to 100 | A noobtubers journey

    Channel has gained a little bit of traction lately and I have gotten a few extra subscribers and passed 500 viewers as a goal! time to set new goals!
  7. The Fortnite Rift Tour Ft. Ariana Grande [Full Event!]

    The Fortnite Rift Tour Ft. Ariana Grande [Full Event!]

    Ariana Grandes virtual tour in fortnite this event was soo cool it really blew me away! also were given a cute little umbrella for attending! this was my sec...
  8. I love randoms sometimes

    I love randoms sometimes

    Now and again you get those random players that are just the right vibe!shout out to this bill!🡆 Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/PanduhKingTV🡆 Fol...
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    12 followers away from 1000 on TikTok!

    Congratulations and well done!!
  13. Left 4 Dead 2 - Last Stand Campaign [Full Play through]

    Left 4 Dead 2 - Last Stand Campaign [Full Play through]

    Left 4 Dead 2 - Last Stand Campaign [Full Play through]As a fan of the Left 4 Dead franchise I am so excited to finally be playing the latest instalment in t...
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    Upgrading to the OLED Switch?

    I don't own a switch but for awhile have been considering buying one, I guess it would be worth holding off until the new model? I assume then prices will drop? Although I am not really too sure the point of the new model
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    My Last Video [Easily Share Link to Previous Video]

    Thats cool, I wasn't aware it took notice of being live! I just find it really hand to plop the link in places I commonly visit and post links, incase I forget its already done for me, its really handy to add to my twitch bot too as it will link to the new video and don't have to change...