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Recent content by Megan

  1. Megan

    Your current Mood?

  2. Megan

    Favorite Crisp Flavors?

    I like salt and vinegar, BBQ, Honey BBQ, and plain sometimes as well.
  3. Megan

    Been feeling kinda rough lately.

    Good keep at it! =3
  4. Megan

    Happy birthday to Kayla, WickyTV and Jediprincess!

    A belated happy birthday!
  5. Megan

    Your current Mood?

    Kinda down.
  6. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    Dreary and cold.
  7. Megan

    Favourite Music App?

    I typically just use Apple's Music app or iTunes.
  8. Megan

    How do you listen to music?

    Most of my music consist of anime, game, cartoons, various soundtracks, and New Age. =3
  9. Megan

    Been feeling kinda rough lately.

    That's quite a ways its been pushed back. >_> Shame you couldn't get in sooner. Hope you feel better before then though!
  10. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    Snowy and cold.
  11. Megan

    Your current Mood?

  12. Megan

    Old game you replay often?

    There's certain games I tend to replay a lot. Any of the Lunar's, some Final Fantasy's. Honestly most of the games I play are replays.
  13. Megan

    Cartridge holders?

    Yeah I remember those. I know we had one of those cool Game Boy cases that could house the Game Boy and some games. Remember the dust covers too. Never recalled seeing anything for Genesis though.
  14. Megan

    Been feeling kinda rough lately.

    Oh man...I hope you're okay!
  15. Megan

    Your current Weather?

    Dark and dreary.