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Recent content by Demon_skeith

  1. Demon_skeith

    Gone to war with another site?

    Have you ever gone to war with another site? As in attacking another site for what they may have done to your own?
  2. Demon_skeith

    Your site hacked?

    My site got hacked a long time ago, I forgot how they did it, I think it was an issue with the hosting they exploited. Naturally I had slacked on my backups at the time and lost a bit of data.
  3. Demon_skeith


    Small or big, does anyone here have a garden and if so what do you grow?
  4. Demon_skeith

    Ever been in a relationship?

    So has anyone here never been in a relationship? Nearing my 30s and never had a girlfriend mostly due to me remaining focused on life goals.
  5. Demon_skeith


    my pizzas will usually consist of pepperoni, sausage and green olives which depending on the pizza place, extra pizza sauce under the cheese. It's rather tasty. My favorite places are just my local town restaurants, I try to avoid all the big chain places though I will go for either little...
  6. Demon_skeith


    Which would put its cost to near that of an actual console, which no one is going to pay for something like that unless it came with great warranty.
  7. Demon_skeith

    Your current Weather?

    cool and humid out now, but its due to thunderstorm rather bad here pretty soon.
  8. Demon_skeith

    Save Batteries

    no, never experienced it myself, though as I start looking at older games again and get the cartridges, I'm sure I will have to replace it.
  9. Demon_skeith

    Reselling your Stuff?

    I never resell my consoles, starting around the PS2 era when I started getting my own stuff I still own it all. As for games, if I know I will never replay it, I will sell it.
  10. Demon_skeith


    not to mention MS has always been about power, I remember an article back in the day about someone estimating the cost of a handheld and it would be rather costly to put out.
  11. Demon_skeith


    So who here likes pizza? And if so what kind of toppings do you enjoy on your pie and from what place?
  12. Demon_skeith

    Old game you replay often?

    Is there an old game that you would replay often or at least once a year?
  13. Demon_skeith

    Buy a lemon?

    And by lemon I mean a piece of technology that didn't work out of the box or soon after died from start using it.
  14. Demon_skeith

    Mario Kart, anyone?

    I haven't played the series in recent years, I still say the SNES game is the best one out there. I do miss it and should play it again.
  15. Demon_skeith

    Cheat Guides?

    I tend to play a lot of RPGs, but don't have time to randomly try and find things. So I'll use a guide to streamline things.