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    Weekend plans?

    Going to be watching stuff on netflix, and kind of just chilling over the weekend.
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    First got online?

    I believe my first forums was around early two thousand, when I was in middle school, and high school. This was back when ezboard was still around. Been hooked on forums ever sense. But before that I was on the internet back when I had dial up in the 90s an had my own e-mail group through aol...
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    Back full time!

    That is awesome Smokey, enjoy the new laptop.
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    My slight absence.

    That is great news smokey.
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    My slight absence.

    Oh wow smokey, hope everything goes well with the replacement part. And hopefully when they ship the laptop back to you, you won't have more problems than what you started with. At least your back up works even if it does limit you some what in how active you can be for certain tasks. I am sure...
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    World of Warcraft

    I only got into it because of my cousin. But now I have no one to play with. Been trying to recruit some coworkers of mine. But so far it seems I'm the only one still working on mains and alt characters in the 2 different guilds im in. I have to agree the download and install of the game does...
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    World of Warcraft

    So is anyone excited for shadow lands?, it looks very interesting and they reset the level cap back to sixty... It is interesting that they are going back to the basic level cap that existed before in vanilla.
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    Planet Zoo

    It is a little easier on the controls for the most part. Although I mostly use the pre-built stuff and snap a few shells onto my shops. Every once a while I have to remember itz the z and left click of the mouse to rotate the object. I would say that they improved a lot on the control aspect...
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    Planet Zoo

    I just recently bought planet zoo, now that I finally got things Squared away with the bank. I have to say I just love the game, and being able to create my own zoo is worth it. Also getting the enjoyment out of seeing those animals that get enriched by living with other animals is great fun...
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    Your steam library?

    Well let's see i have 117 games in my library but I only play a few. One I have actually beaten out of that 117 wich will soon be 118 soon as I can buy planet zoo.
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    Favorite flavor of doritos?

    Nacho Cheese is mine, I like eating them with dip, or salasa.
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    What consoles do you own?

    ps4 slim regular laptop for some games wii Had a gamecube, Had a nes, and super nes My dad has n64 and now has my xbox, and gamecube sense I gave that to him.
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    World of Warcraft

    Yes I have been playing on classic as well as the other with all the most current dlcs I have. Though I will have to get back into it again with the cards, sense that is the only way I am really able to play on world of warcraft. I do enjoy the game when I am able to play on it.
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    Your phone

    I upgraded to the samsung glaxaxy s20, love the phone, it suits me for what I need it for. I am able to play a game that I was unable to play due to how old my galaxy s5 was. Plus add in to the fact they no longer made the battery for that phone. and it was dropping battery during pokemon game...
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    World of Warcraft

    Yep that was one of the first things I did. By the way. Gonna get on wow in a few moments I think.