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Revillution Partnership

Revillution.net Partnership Program

Revillution Partnership means we believe in the individuals we partner. Partners are the face of our brand. Our partners help grow our brand & community. Over the past few years we've gained quite a few new faces here at Revillution. This includes streamers, youtubers, gamers in general, even very talented webmasters. All of which are unique in their own way. We felt a partner program is a great way to help these individuals grow, while they help us grow. There in lies the 'partnership'. No gimmicks, no BS, just a community of like-minded individuals helping each other do better, be better.

So you might be asking yourself "Well, what are the requirements to apply for partner?" Here's a small list of what we look for:
  • Have an active account on Revillution. (here)
  • Have a good presence on Social Media.
  • Be in our Guilded Server (This is for future integration purposes) - Required if you are accepted as a partner!
  • Have our logo somewhere visible on your stream or in your panels/about section using your referral link.
  • - We would like both if possible, but at least one is mandatory.
  • Stream or post content such as Youtube videos at least once a week.
  • Stream hours per week: 6 minimum
Bonus points if you:
  • Are already "Verified"
  • Have your stream already displayed in our showcase and/or have some branding for Revillution visible on your stream (in your panels, etc)
  • Already active on the website & within the community.
  • Have a timer and/or command to help promote Revillution, including your referral link.

Failure to follow the requirements will result in termination from the partner program.

It's hard to say what exactly we look for. We look for different things in each person who applies for partner. As of right now, we don't have too many requirements for it, but there are some tips listed above. If you think you'll make a good partner with us, why not give it a shot?

Click here to Apply for Partner!