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Site History

Revillution Site History

Revillution.com - The beginning + early years (Godaddy, Hostgator hosting)

Revillution started under a .com domain as Revillution.com, We then expanded the rights to the .net. We started out as a more generalized forum with a focus on gaming. This was simply to combat the toxicity going around larger gaming & general chat forums at the time. Hence our name. We wanted to be a Revolution in the forum world at that time. Revillution.com was the successor to another forum that closed a year prior called Zero Boards, not to get confused with the skateboard brand of the same name. Zero was more general focused than gaming, but we wanted to persue a focus on gaming and other forms of entertainment with Revillution. Revillution 1.0 ran on vBulletin 3.8, it then moved to IPB 3.0 before IPS changed policies. Revillution was reverted back to vBulletin 3.8 where it stayed for about a year, until Xenforo 1.0 was released and Impulse, our designer for the vBulletin site left to focus on other things. We can't remember when we left Godaddy for Hostgator hosting, but we left hostgator in 2010.

Xenforo 1.0, Revillution 2.0 days, move to Hawkhost & a PSO Server (2010-2012)

Xenforo proved to be the way of the future, so with that we moved Revillution onto the new platform developed by former vBulletin developers Kier Derby & Mike Sullivan formerly of Jelsoft, the original creators of vBulletin. With that rich heritage & past behind them we felt Xenforo was the right choice for Revillution going forward. During this time we had a Wordpress blog up as our main homepage. Smokey was still attending college and had to design a website for his web design course. He simply updated Revillution a little and showed the site off to the class. He got an A+ on his final, thanks Revillution! We also set up a private server for the popular MMORPG Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst in 2011, under the moniker of RevPSO or Revillution Phantasy Star Online The Facebook page still exists today.

Not long after that, Revillution experienced some problems with it's host at that time, Hostgator, so we sought out to find a new host to host our site. We settled on Hawkhost late 2010, around October and things were going smooth.....for now.

Leaving Hawkhost, problems with the site, ZetaBoards Revillutuin. (Version 2.1?) (2011-2013)

Late 2012, early 2013, We started experiencing issues with Hawkhost, and some other things popping up that caused us to scrap what we had and start fresh on a new system and host. Enter, ZetaBoards, a free hosted forum platform that offered some advanced features but kept a more traditional forum/bulletin board system feel in terms of design and appearance. To spruce things up, we had a custom design coded for Revillution. This worked out for a few years, until Hawkhost came knocking at our door again......with free systems, a lot of things aren't possible, so we needed to get somewhere we could dig into and build upon.

Returning to Hawkhost, Xenforo ~1.5, Revillution 3.0 (2014-2015)

We returned to Hawkhost, even more determined than before to getting the site off the ground. Due to previous issues and the reason we left in the first place, we had no database backups so it was a fresh start. We brought a lot of custom features that we are looking to bring back today such as User moods in profiles, staff and VIP members had the ability to change their name formatting and style, a working Arcade full of fun flash games. Just to name a few. Here is what the site looked like during this time:
Main Page   Revillution.com forums 2014

Losing the rights to Revillution.com, closing the PSO server, and a hiatus (2016-2018)

Sometime in 2016 we left Hawkhost again, and during this time took a hiatus, the .com expired due to a financial issue and was scooped up by someone else. We also let the .net expire since we thought this was the end for Revillution. In 2017 we closed our Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst private server which we operated from 2011 since it had become too expensive to keep running and various bugs that would require a complete rewrite of the source code forced us to simply shut the server down. Not long after, we closed Revillution for an unforeseeable hiatus.

A Rebirth as a network, return to Hawkhost & The Future (2019~)

In 2019, we decided we wanted to bring Revillution back, for it's 10th anniversary. We still had all the old assets and even though we had some side projects between it's closure in late 2017 we decided to bring it back for another chance. Both Smokey & Shortie had started streaming on Mixer in late 2017, and decided to use Revillution as a proper gaming & entertainment network, as it's slogan always implied it was "Your portal to entertainment" well what better means of entertainment then livestreaming video games?

Revillution.net was re-purchased in 2019 and brought back from the grave with a new purpose. To help gamers connect, make new friendships, and to help streamers with tips, promotion, and more. We are back, and stronger than ever before. We are looking forward towards a bright future for Revillution for many years to come. As long as people are gaming and have something to say, we'll be here to help get content creators & gamers alike connected.

Thank you for 11 years of ups and downs. We had a rocky start, and some issues along the way, but we're back, better than ever and here to stay and support our fellow gamers & streamers!
Thank you for the support over the years!